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Our ship is your ship. We are happy to share our knowledge and love of  sailing Biscayne Bay with you so you have a memorable experience. You are welcome to help sail the boat or you can just  sit back and relax. Here are some suggested routes to get your planning started. You can combine these routes to build longer cruises.

North Bay Cruise

We explore northern Biscayne Bay and view downtown Miami and Key Biscayne from the water. This makes a pleasant 2 or 3 hour cruise.

East Bay and Hawk Channel Cruise

We depart Coconut Grove and head east to explore Stiltsville and Cape Florida. We can also go farther east into Hawk Channel and head either south to Fowey Rocks Light or north to see the Atlantic side of Key Biscayne. The Stiltsville cruise is 4 hours, while the Hawk Channel route is perfect for a 5 to 6 hour cruise.

South Bay Cruise


On this adventure we head south into the heart of Biscayne Bay and the northern part of Biscayne National Park. On this leg we can do extended sailing on one tack for several hours if you wish, including a visit to Boca Chita. This is ideal for a 4 to 6 hour cruise.

South Bay Cruise


Sunset and Moonlight Cruises

Enjoy the end of another day in paradise with a sunset cruise or a warm tropical night under a full moon. This is typically a 2+ hour cruise.

Introduction to Sailing 

 For an individual, couple, or family who would like to see if sailing is the right sport for them, or if you are a small boat sailor but would like to get a taste of sailing on a larger blue water cruiser, or if you want to learn more about gaff-rigged boats, we offer introductory experiences. 4 hr.


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